Source code for marshmallow.exceptions

"""Exception classes for marshmallow-related errors."""

# Key used for schema-level validation errors
SCHEMA = "_schema"

[docs]class MarshmallowError(Exception): """Base class for all marshmallow-related errors."""
[docs]class ValidationError(MarshmallowError): """Raised when validation fails on a field or schema. Validators and custom fields should raise this exception. :param str|list|dict message: An error message, list of error messages, or dict of error messages. If a dict, the keys are subitems and the values are error messages. :param str field_name: Field name to store the error on. If `None`, the error is stored as schema-level error. :param dict data: Raw input data. :param dict valid_data: Valid (de)serialized data. """ def __init__( self, message, field_name=SCHEMA, data=None, valid_data=None, **kwargs ): self.messages = [message] if isinstance(message, (str, bytes)) else message self.field_name = field_name = data self.valid_data = valid_data self.kwargs = kwargs super().__init__(message) def normalized_messages(self): if self.field_name == SCHEMA and isinstance(self.messages, dict): return self.messages return {self.field_name: self.messages}
[docs]class RegistryError(NameError): """Raised when an invalid operation is performed on the serializer class registry. """
[docs]class StringNotCollectionError(MarshmallowError, TypeError): """Raised when a string is passed when a list of strings is expected."""
[docs]class FieldInstanceResolutionError(MarshmallowError, TypeError): """Raised when schema to instantiate is neither a Schema class nor an instance."""